Handmade leather jewelry - Chic Unique Designs

Our handmade leather jewelry is very comfortable to wear every day. Our boho necklaces, bracelets and earrings are an expression of a free spirited lifestyle to dress up today's trendy relaxed and simplistic outfits. We handcraft everything with genuine leather cords and great quality jewelry supplies. We recently added genuine freshwater pearls and silver jewelry designs for women looking for that dainty chic boho look. And for men, we added cool sterling silver leather bracelets that will look great with any outfit.

Our Story:

When we travel, we enjoy spending hours in various craft shops, chatting with artisans about life and buying a few things from them, especially jewelry; we love leather and stone jewelry!

One day, Andrea decided to experiment and create some pieces for Bernardo to bring back that creative self that she always had. And that is when everything started! We ended up creating many different bracelets and necklaces for ourselves and wearing them every day.

We enjoyed so much creating more styles for ourselves, that after testing and making sure that everything was of great quality, we decided to create our Etsy store and call it Alegria Co-Creations.

Alegria means joy and we believe that when we feel joy, we vibrate at a higher frequency where there is a stronger connection with our higher self to express and co-create things into existence, which are embedded with its higher energetic content. We love to share this high energy vibration, called happiness, with you!

It is our mission to share our happiness in every piece we co-create, honoring an equal exchange of value and our creative Spirit as we are all One.